Fertiliser Agri-Boost Snap-on Spray 2Litre

Fertiliser Agri-Boost Snap-on Spray 2Litre

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Agri-Boost Snap-on Spray 2Litre

Agri-Boost Snap-on sprays fertilizer. Simply snap the bottle onto your hose and spray.
This product originates from a commercial crop fertilizer, which has been specifically tailored as universal plant food and booster for home and garden use.
The product is designed to simply snap on to your hose and spray.

Promotes strong root growth 
Reduces transplant shock 
Revitalizes soils 
Safe on all plants 
Increases resistance to plant stress

Directions for use: 
Remove the pin from the top of the spray nozzle and connect to the hosepipe.
Turn on the tap and spray thoroughly over the entire garden including foliage and soil.
The fertilizer is automatically diluted to the required quantity through the hosepipe attachment.
The fertilizer is derived from earthworms exudate which contains beneficial microbes and humic acid.
It is an organic fertilizer and is appropriate for all flora use as well as being safe for bees.
The product comes in a 2L bottle of concentrate with a snap-on hose pipe attachment that covers approximately 250 square meters.

What's in the box
1 x Agri-Boost Snap on Spray