B.I.C.I.S.A 2000litre Water Pump

B.I.C.I.S.A 2000litre Water Pump

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B.I.C.I.SA PUMPS. B.I.C.I.SA Pumps are designed as submersible pumps.

· B.I.C.I.SA Pumps are designed for continues use.

· B.I.C.I.SA Pumps come with factory fitted thermal overload protection

· B.I.C.I.SA Pumps come with a factory fitted 3 core waterproof cable and a 3 pin 15 amp South African plug.

· B.I.C.I.SA Pumps are fitted with a 5 m cable and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

· B.I.C.I.SA Pumps are suitable to be used in both salt water or fresh water.

· B.I.C.I.SA Pumps are suitable for both Professional and DIY enthusiasts

TIP: To increase pump life do not place on bottom of pond or water feature, rather place it on a brick, in fish ponds it can even be placed in an ice cream tub or similar with holes drilled into the lid and top section of sides of the tub.

B.I.C.I.SA Pumps are


Low Power Consumption*

Great Flow Rate*

Exceptional Insulation*