Bosch Reciprocating Saw GSA 120 Professional

Bosch Reciprocating Saw GSA 120 Professional

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Technical data
Additional data
Rated input power 1,200 W
Saw, stroke length 29 mm
Stroke rate at no load 0 – 3,000 spm
Weight 3.7 kg
Cable length 2.65 m
Tool dimensions (width) 96 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 475 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 165 mm
Cutting depth
Cutting depth in wood 220 mm
Cutting depth in steel plate 20 mm
Cutting depth in metal profiles and metal pipes 220 mm
Total vibration values (Sawing wood)
Vibration emission value ah 18 m/s²
Uncertainty K 1.5 m/s²


Cut more with the latest transmission, ultra durable reciprocating saw


  • Long lifetime. Low-friction transmission system and optimised motor heat release extend the durability.
  • Powerful cutting. The 1,200 W motor, highest power in its class makes cutting effortless.
  • Comfort in usage. The combination of soft & hard materials in handle ensures a comfortable grip in any position.
What’s Included in this Package
in cardboard box with Hex key
Order number: 0 601 6B1 020
  • 1 x reciprocating saw blade S 1126 BEF, Heavy for Metal (available separately as set of 5: 2 608 657 395)
  • Hex key
  • Cardboard box