Bostik Bath Silicone Sealant

Bostik Bath Silicone Sealant

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Product overview

Bostik Bath is a white, one part acetoxy curing high quality sanitary silicone sealant that provides a permanent flexible, durable, watertight seal for general purpose DIY sealing in and around the bathroom. The sealant is extremely resistant to UV radiation, weathering, ageing and water, and offers excellent chemical resistance and is unaffected by diluted acids and alkalis, soap and household detergents. Bath contains a fungicide and resists mould growth. Exhibits excellent primerless adhesion to many non-porous materials e.g. ceramics, glass, enamel, porcelain, coated wood, painted surfaces, canvas, stainless steel, aluminium, some rubbers and some plastics (epoxide, polyester, polyacrylate, polystyrene, formica, fiberglass, acrylics, polycarbonates and rigid PVC).

Not suitable for alkaline surfaces such as concrete, fibrous cement, asbestos, plaster and marble. Not suitable for some metals i.e. mild steel, lead, copper, tin, galvanized iron, brass or zinc as it may cause corrosion. May become discoloured in contact with some organic elastomers, which tend to bleed oil or solvents into the silicone, e.g. EPDM, APTK, Neoprene and Bituminous surfaces. Not suitable for mirrors as it will de-silver the mirror backing, affecting the front appearance of the mirror. Not suitable for contact with natural stone i.e. marble, granite, quartzite as it may discolour the surfaces. Will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon. Do not apply sealant when relative humidity is below 10% - cure rate will be affected.

NOT SUITABLE FOR FISH TANKS (contains a fungicide).

NOT paintable