Bostik Sew Simple 25ml

Bostik Sew Simple 25ml

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Product overview

Bostik Sew Simple is perfect for attaching labels and badges to clothes without the need for sewing or stitching. Ideal for hems and trouser turn-ups, fitting of zips, pockets, and for repair of torn fabric with a patch. Add a drop to shoe lace ends to prevent them from fraying or a drop onto a button to prevent it from unthreading. Ideal for attaching of pelmets and decorating soft furnishings. Prevent jeans and trousers from wearing at the knees by applying Sew Simple to the back of the fabric.

Bonds to most porous fabrics (e.g. linen, cotton, denim etc.) as well as leather and felt. Not suitable for use on 100% nylon, polyester or any other non-porous fabrics. Not suitable for delicate, white and light colour fabrics as these may stain on the other side due to the adhesive penetrating the fabric. We recommend testing on a small area first. Using too much glue may cause bleed-through and staining. Not suitable for applications exposing the glue line to direct sunlight e.g. curtains. Direct sunlight causes the glue to soften and become sticky and may discolour the glue line.

Sew Simple is non-toxic, however it contains natural rubber latex. As natural rubber latex is an allergen and may cause skin sensitisation, it is advisable to wear gloves in order to avoid direct contact with the skin if you are prone to allergies.

Machine washable and can be ironed.