Efekto Banweed M.C.P.A 200ml

Efekto Banweed M.C.P.A 200ml

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Banweed M.C.P.A

A soluble concentrate herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf weeds, as listed, in lawns and turf.


  • Broad spectrum of soft broadleaf weed control.
  • Control of common broad-leaved weeds in newly planted lawns.
  • Does not kill grass lawn- when used according to directions.
  • Suitable for use on Buffalo Lawns.

Sizes: 200 ml | 500 ml

How to get the best results: Efekto Banweed MCPA is rapidly absorbed by plant leaves, stems, and roots, and works as an auxin agonist by mimicking naturally-occurring plant hormones (i.e., auxins) that regulate many plant processes, such as protein synthesis and cell growth. Efekto Banweed MCPA can induce rapid abnormal cell growth and development in the stems, petioles, and leaves of sensitive plants. Efekto Banweed MCPA can also limit transpiration and photosynthesis. This leads to irregular cell growth, leaf drop, and starvation, resulting in plant death.