Efekto Kumulus 250g

Efekto Kumulus 250g

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A water dispersible granular fungicide and acaricide for the control of powdery mildew, various other fungal diseases as well as certain mites and thrips on various crops as listed. Also for the control of pernicious scale on dormant roses.

Size: 200 g

How does it work? KUMULUS® WG is the only sulphur product with three distinct particle sizes, each with a specific function:

  • Small: Rapid activity (50% of particles are less than 3 microns)

  • Medium: Sustained release (40% are 3 – 6 microns)

  • Large: Residual control (10% are 6 – 10 microns)

Once applied to the plant surface, the smallest particles begin working immediately through contact and vapour activity. The medium sized particles erode slowly and provide sustained release of active ingredient, and the larger particles provide longer-term control. 

Where can it be used? Roses, ornamentals, vegetables and grapes.