Efekto Plant Protector 200ml

Efekto Plant Protector 200ml

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A systemic suspension concentrate insecticide for use in the home garden to control- ants, harvester termites and mole crickets in lawns, thrips and other sucking insects, on conifers, roses and other ornamentals.

  • Systemic action – absorbed through the foliage and moves throughout the plant to control insects.
  • Effective against most sucking insects.
  • 20 g/l active – Easy measurable.
  • Provides long term control.

Sizes: 200 ml | 500 ml

How to get the best results:
Efekto Plant Protector can be used for the control of soil inhabiting pests of lawns, such as ants, harvester termites and mole crickets. 

The active ingredient in Efekto Plant Protector Insecticide has sufficient residual activity so that applications can be made preceding the egg laying activity of the target pests. High levels of control can be achieved when applications are made preceding or during the egg laying period. Optimum control will be achieved when applications are made prior to egg hatch of the target pests, followed by sufficient irrigation or rainfall to move the active ingredient through the thatch.

Applications should not be made when lawns areas are waterlogged or the soil is saturated with water. Adequate distribution of the active ingredient cannot be achieved when these conditions exist. The treated lawn area must be in such a condition that the rainfall or irrigation will penetrate vertically in the soil profile. 

Efekto Plant Protector is a systemic product and will be translocated upward into the plant system from root uptake. To assure optimum effectiveness, the product must be drenched around the drip area of the target plant so that the roots can absorb the active ingredient. The addition of a nitrogen containing fertilizer, prior to application, may enhance the uptake of the active ingredient. 

When drenching plants with woody stems, systemic activity will be delayed until the active ingredient is translocated throughout the plant. In some cases, this translocation delay could take a few days. For this reason, applications should be made prior to anticipated pest infestation to achieve optimum levels of control.