Efekto Virikop

Efekto Virikop

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A wettable powder fungicide and bactericide with protective properties for the control of certain diseases on fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals, as listed.

Size: 200 g

How does it work? Efekto Virikop when mixed with water, the spray solution is actually a suspension of copper particles, and those particles persist on plant surfaces after the spray dries. Copper ions are gradually released from these copper deposits.

Efekto Virikop has protectant/preventative products. Efekto Virikop product must be applied onto the plant surface prior to the disease occurring. Efekto Virikop inhibit fungal spore germination and mycelial growth. Control is provided by the free copper ions (Cu+2) released from the applied copper. How effectively disease is controlled depends on the quality and adequacy of its coverage. 

Where can it be used? Fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals, as listed