Efekto Wondersol Colour Boost 500ml

Efekto Wondersol Colour Boost 500ml

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Wondersol Colour Boost is a unique balanced liquid plant food specially formulated to contain macro- and micro nutrients. The product has organically based plant growth stimulants from Kelpak (Reg. No. L2414) that stimulate growth and nutrient plant uptake based on fulvic- and amino acids. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants.

Sizes: 500ml

How it Works:  It’s boosted with organics bio stimulants that activate soil micro-organisms, condition the soil and enhance nutrient uptake. It also contains seaweed extracts that:  

  • Increase yield.
  • Promote hardy root growth ensuring strong early plant development
  • Enhance nutrient uptake
  • Assist in stress resistance and quick recovery from trauma

Where can it be used? Gardens, agricultural and horticultural crops as well as in containerised production nurseries