Harden 540603 9 Piece Metric Short Ball-End Hex Key Wrench Set

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  • Made of chrome vanadium steel - forged of high-quality chrome vanadium steel, the overall surface heat treatment, precision bite non-slip design, torque, strong grip, durable
  • Ball head design - Ball type wrench, can be within 25 degrees range of activities, convenient in a small space for multi-directional operation
  • Hexagon design - hexagon flat face chamfering fine, work flat, so that the wrench completely fit the bolt hole, the torque uniform, force, effectively improve the efficiency.
  • Plastic clip design - Set with a standard plastic clip, easy to use custody, fixed every wrench, it is not easy to scattered messy. 
  • The overall design is exquisite - wrench overall concise atmosphere, small and flexible, easy to use, easy to carry