High pressure washer DSS Series 2.0 PE - 160 bar

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DUEL SPEED SYSTEM – Reduce electricity and water consumption by 30%

Pressure Washer designed to meet regular medium use needs at home, garden & trade uses. Innovative with the dual speed system, it is ideal for washing cars, vans, trucks, boats, pool, walls, stairs, paving, working tools, roofs, etc. Handy with wheels and a static hose reel, comes with a Total Stop System for safety and a built-in accessory storage.

DSS is the innovative technology system developed and produced by Annovi Reverberi that enables the high pressure washer’s performances to be modulated to cleaning needs. With the handy 3-setting rotary switch, you can select the high pressure washer’s operating mode, with a choice between MAX SPEED and ECO SPEED. Effectively, this system provides a dual speed high pressure washer, which works with different performances depending on the job in hand and optimises energy consumption for the application.

MAX SPEED mode exploits the high pressure washer’s full power, and is recommended for the most aggressive, toughest conditions. ECO SPEED, on the other hand, lets you reduce water and energy use by 30% when less power is needed.

DSS Series 2.0 PE carry the Blue Clean Factor, the AR Blue Clean symbol awarded to the top products in any one category. This model is suited for operation with cold water and feature a series of very convenient, practical characteristics.

MAX PRESSURE (bar) 160
MAX PRESSURE (psi) 2300
MAX FLOW RATE (l / h) 460
MAX FLOW RATE (gph) 122
POWER (Kw) 2.2
POWER SUPPLY (V) 220-240~
UNIT DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 330x307x790
WEIGHT(Kg) 13,1