High pressure washer DTS Series 4.0 Twin Flow- 150 bar

High pressure washer DTS Series 4.0 Twin Flow- 150 bar

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DUALTECH TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM – Perfect pressure and flow rate for a variety of applications

Pressure Washer designed to meet regular medium to heavy use needs at home, garden & trade uses. Innovative with the dual tech system, it is ideal for washing cars, vans, trucks, boats, pool, walls, stairs, paving, working tools, roofs, etc. Comes with a dual nozzle to increase efficiency by 70%. Handy with wheels and telescopic handle, comes with a Total Stop System for safety and a built-in accessory storage.

Dualtech Technology System (DTS) is the innovative technology system for Annovi Reverberi patented high pressure washers that have 2 Power Units inside the machine. This system achieves notably superior results when compared to those obtained with a single pump pressure washer.

It can provide an increase in Washing Performance Power of up to 50%, both in terms of intensity and extension of the jet, with a resulting reduction in cleaning times. In fact, the flow rate from the 2 Power Units can reach up to 850 l/h, double that of a normal home & garden high pressure washer.

This also means that the jet can reach up to 5 metres away, allowing you to easily clean even very large overhead surfaces, which is difficult to do with a home & garden high pressure washer. Therefore, excellent performance but a high level of customisation.

MAX PRESSURE (bar) 150
MAX PRESSURE (psi) 2200
MAX FLOW RATE (l / h) 810
MAX FLOW RATE (gph) 214
POWER (Kw) 2.5
RPM 3400
UNIT DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 387x388x895mm