Leifheit Easy-Click Allround Broom Xtra Clean Attachment, 40cm

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The Allround Broom Xtra Clean Attachment features a broad sweeping width and high-quality X-shaped bristles developed specifically for cleaning tiled, stone and PVC floors. Compatible with Leifheit's convenient Easy-Click System it's a versatile, effective broom that can clean everything from stubborn dirt to fine dust and doesn't waste precious space in your cupboards. 


  • High quality bristle mix developed specifically for cleaning tiled, stone and PVC floors
  • X-shaped bristles pick up all dirt particles – from caked-on dirt to crumbs and fine dust
  • Features an angled broom joint for efficiency through full contact with the surface it is sweeping
  • Compatible with all Leifheit Easy-Click System devices and the Leifheit Clean Twist System Mop Set with Handle and Bucket
  • Has a sweeping width of 40cm


Leifheit brings convenience and inspiration to all your household tasks by taking simple products and making them stylish, durable and easy to use.



  • Dimensions: W 40cm