Leifheit Profi XL Floor Sweeper With Handle

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Product Info

The Profi XL Floor Sweeper with Handle is ideal for cleaning stone and tile floors. The wiper cover can comfortably be removed by a foot click and consists of powerful supra and cotton fibres. While the supra fibres remove the deeper dirt, the cotton fibres absorb the dissolved dirt and water. This way, the wiper cover leaves a brilliant gleam even after heavy dirt. With a large wiping width of 42cm, the Profi saves valuable time. The ingenious 360° rotating joint enables efficient cleaning in wavy lines and revolves around table and chair legs. The handle can completely be bent flat for hard to reach areas like under the couch and beds. The floor wiper can comfortably be operated while standing and without hands in dirty water: simply remove the wiper cover by a foot click, press it in the separately available with the leifheit floor bucket and  insert the cover again by foot operation and repeat.


  • For thorough cleaning of tiled and stone floors
  • Comes with a high quality aluminium handle
  • Remove the wiper cover by clicking the foot press while standing
  • Cotton fibres capture and hold onto the dirt as well as absorb the water
  • 360° movable wiper joint for cleaning in wavy lines
  • Extra-flat and movable wiper cleans easily under cupboards and around furniture
  • Fold-around wiper cleans corners and edges in one movement
  • The click joint means the handle can also be connected onto other  products
  •  available separately for easy wringing of wiper without placing your hands in dirty water


  • Wiping width: 42cm
  • Dimensions: 177cm H x 16cm L x 6cm W

Warranty Info

  • This product comes with a 3 year warranty