Spray Heat Barrier Coolgel 437ml

Spray Heat Barrier Coolgel 437ml

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LA-CO Cool Gel's unique, no-drip gelled formula evaporates within 48 hours, eliminating clean-up. This product is used to protect lead free valves during the soldering process. It also protects components and materials from costly heat damage with any other soldering or brazing job. Using Cool Gel is easier than using a heat blanket and provides assurance the job can be completed without costly heat damage.


  • Protects lead free valves during soldering
  • Reduces the threat of costly heat damage to rubber seals and gaskets
  • Protects components and materials during soldering to avoid heat damage
  • Protects painted and finished surfaces from discoloration due to torch heat
  • Unique gelled formula sticks to surfaces without dripping or running off
  • Clear, non-staining gel leaves no residue, eliminating cleanup
  • Safe, non-toxic, odourless, and harmless to skin
  • Provides assurance the job can be completed without costly heat damage
  • Made in USA
For use on: 
  • Lead free valves and fittings
  • New construction and piping installation
  • Shower valves installation and repair
  • Trim work and cabinetry
  • Drywall and studs
  • Commercial rooftop repair
  • Furnace repair and installation
  • Refrigeration repair and installation
  • Medical gas systems
  • Valve installation and repair
  • Welding

Application: Prevent heat damage (during soldering, brazing and welding).